Monday, May 30, 2011

Feeling Liberated

See my newest bloggy addition over there?

My friend Kristy and I have been working really hard to sew up some of the dang cutest aprons you've ever seen and we've got plans for more. And what's with the "Liberated" in the Liberated Aprons you're asking? (Because you are asking!) Well, our aprons are so cute and functional that you can wear them anywhere. We were inspired by an awesome sewing apron book and decided that we wanted our apron shop to be full of not just functional aprons, but aprons that are so pretty, hip, or cute that you don't want to take it off when you leave the house. They've been liberated from kitchen duty and now their job is to help you look stylish!

So go ahead and click on my awesome button (and grab one for your blog!) that our friend Katie designed for us. Check us out! We'll be adding more aprons soon, so if you don't see something that suits your fancy there will be more to choose from soon. Or if you'd like something specific, say a favorite color or design, let us know!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Smokies

Well, summer is barely here (the kids are still in school and maybe in a couple more weeks and it will feel like summer, but anyway. . . .) and we've already had our summer vacation.

Almost every day since November the kids have asked to go camping, and if you know Nathan, you'll guess that he probably was asking himself that very same question since November as well. So what did we do for summer vacation? CAMPING!

Jeremy blowing dandelions near Newfound Gap

Why, yes. I did get frustrated taking over an hour trying to get my pictures where I want them and then decided to just let them lay where they fall. Why do you ask?  Don't worry, more information about our awesome trip is coming. Wow. I'm so frustrated I can't make a coherent sentence. Sorry.

a small Midland Brown Snake we found on the trail to Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls

One of the salamanders. There are thousands of these around the park.
Nathan scouted out via the internet a couple different places and since I nixed going north (it was still cold here, I wasn't about to go colder and sleep outside!) he opted for The Great Smokey Mountains. And in case you're wondering that's in Tennessee and North Carolina. We camped in North Carolina and did most of our hiking in Tennessee (Though we hiked a day in NC also), so each day kind of required a bit of a drive, but it is beautiful country so that was fine with us.

Here are a few pictures from our trip. Ok, a lot of pictures from our trip. Now, I don't know the names of each hike or mountain, but if Nathan wants to, he's welcome to add it in when he sees that this post is incomplete with accurate names and such. Got that, Nathan?

As we were driving we found this random castle parapet. There was another on the other side of the road.
Nathan's hand here. There were a TON of butterflies here drinking the water in the sand.

One of the butterflies decided Nathan's head made a good home for a little while.

Emma waiting for a butterfly to land on her hand.

Megan and me waiting for butterflies.
Jeremy holding one of many. The butterflies and other insects just loved Jeremy.

Here's a grasshopper that let Jeremy hold it for a while.

Megan playing in the water.
Emma's hand next to one of the dozens of millipedes we saw.
Cold water!

The kids did a lot of rock throwing here.
Emma giving me her "best smile."

Lincoln in the backpack. This kid had the best vacation because he didn't have to walk anywhere :)

Emma being pretty by Indian Creek Falls.

Nathan and the kids at Clingman's Dome. This is supposed to be the highest point in the park.
At the overlook at Clingman's Dome

Lincoln being cute. Enjoying a good thumb.

Nathan was kind enough to pull over and let me take a picture of this dandy place.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sweet Emma Rose Turns Three!

Today Emma turned three. She's been asking for weeks when her birthday is and finally this morning I could give her the answer she wanted to hear, "Today!"

Emma is Little Miss Independent. I think it is finally safe to say she's potty trained. She hasn't finished her second potty chart yet, but she's consistent enough that I don't think I'm jinxing myself here. She's gotten amazingly better at clean up time just in recent weeks and we are all grateful for that. I think the idea of being a "Big Girl" is dawning on her. We talk about what Big Girls do or don't do and that helps.
Emma's birthday dress. Probably the most fun clothing item I've made.

Here are a few more tidbits about Emma

*Emma loves pasta. It's been one of her favorite foods for a long time. Whether it's spaghetti, macaroni and cheese, or perogies, this girl will eat it up. However, for her birthday dinner she requested chicken noodle soup.

*Emma loves to be read to.
*She loves to make up songs just like Megan did (and just like Megan they usually have to do with Jesus and her loving her family).
*Emma loves to play super hero. I made the kids super hero capes for Christmas and it is Emma that wears hers on a daily basis. Sometimes even to the store or to pick up Jeremy from school.
*She has a hard time looking at the camera, even if you point it out to her and promise her candy.
*She makes us laugh every day.
*She still draws on walls.

*She loves other kids.
*Emma's bedtime routine recently changed and she's just run with it. No problems. She's been sleeping on a crib mattress in Megan's room so they can share the humidifier (oh the joys of allergies, I've considered joining them) and she's been great.
*One of the highlights of turning three for Emma is getting to go into the Eagle's Nest at the grocery store while I shop. In fact, as part of her birthday presents, that's what we'll be doing tomorrow since we ran out of time to do it today.
*She is VERY excited for preschool. Let's just hope it stays that way once school starts next fall.
*Emma makes us smile every single day!

Emma, thanks for being in our family! We love you and are so glad you are three!

Thanks Grandma Rosie for the clothes!

Thanks Papa for the Twizzlers and Mama for the Queen Bee magnet peg doll :)

Emma requested a bumblebee cake