Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Disney World, Harry Potter Land, Kenndey Space Center, and a Swamp: The Pictures

 Here are the pictures from our trip. I was going to put them in chronological order, but while it was fully in my capabilities to do so, it was not within the limits of my sanity. Plus, no one but me cares.

Magic Kingdom (yeah, Jeremy doesn't like having his picture taken sometimes.)

 The Car Trip
Now that they know where they are going, we let them open presents from one of Nathan's dental professors, Dr. J. She was awesome. She gave each kid (even Lincoln) their own really cool card. Emma's was this Panda mask you see her wearing. Megan is opening hers in the picture. Anyway, really cool card, plus something to do in the car (activity book kind of stuff), and $10 "for ice cream." So of course we got the Mickey Mouse ears ice cream bars for them.

 Animal Kingdom
They did a great job with the Animal Kingdom. We thought it could end up being lame, but we were really impressed with how they made the "countries" look authentic. And even though we didn't eat food from the park, it smells awesome.

Enjoying the zoo-ish portion of the park.


We've arrived!

They had a garden festival going on at Epcot. One of the special gardens was the Fairies of Pixie Hollow. It was really cool! Another was Peter Pan. Emma's been on a real Peter Pan kick lately. She refused to be called a princess while we where at Disney, and insisted on being called Peter Pan. I am Wendy or Hook, depending on her mood and who else is playing.

Let it be known that despite the fact that Emma has never seen the Disney version of Snow White, she absolutely loves her. However, she was terrified to be in this picture. That's why it's just Megan.

Kennedy Space Center
AKA Home of a whole lot of alligators

This is meant for two people. Ugh.

 I figured no real description was necessary. It's NASA and it's cool. There.

Cocoa Beach

This girl is going to turn into a fish.
Love this face!
lots of sand castles were made
This is a kid who loves water, but wouldn't go into it, even if we held him.

Harry Potter!!!!!!!!

Waiting for Dad and the older kids to join us.

After we  bought our candy, we sat down outside The Three Broomsticks
to eat and this bag  got caught in the wind. It totally smacked Emma
right in the face and she just left it there for almost 10 seconds. It was really funny!

Jeremy's chocolate wand


Chocolate Frogs

Emma wasted no time getting chocolatey with her frog.
Nathan, Lincoln, and I shared a Treacle Fudge.
It was sweet and tasty, but not what I would get next time.
Hogwarts Express

 Magic Kingdom!

Playing while we wait for the big kids to get off a ride.

Race Track!

The Winnie the Pooh ride had a ton of stuff to keep the kids occupied while we were in line.

Just some fun stuff. . . .

On the ferry boat
Enjoying Mickey Mouse Ear Ice Cream

Brier Rabbit's Laughing Place

Pixie Hollow!

The girls got to meet Terrance the fairy. And he really looked like Terrance, too!

Tinker Bell!

Fancy Mouse Ears. I really wanted to get a pair of these for the girls, but they were so dang expensive. I figured a picture of the girls wearing them was good enough!

Carousel Fun!

The girls dancing :)

Once again, waiting for the bigger kids to get off a ride :)

 On the drive home
Nathan wanted to stop at a swamp on the way home to see some pitcher plants and Venus Fly Traps. Unfortunately, we were too early in the season to see them, but the area was really pretty. We all enjoyed the walk around it and the chance to stretch our legs.

baby long needled pine tree

Megan found a tree with a hole in the base and insisted someone take a picture of her looking through it.

 The End.