Sunday, January 27, 2008

Can you poop for me?

Today was a heavy duty cleaning day for the kitchen. I still have a few odds and ends to mess with (like everything that is sitting on top of the fridge) but for the most part it looks really good. When I moved the microwave to clean behind it, I found a small bowl that had about 100 small gray, clear, and pink beads from two of Megan's broken bracelets. Months and months ago I told her I'd fix them and just haven't had a chance to do it. Anyway, not really knowing what to do with the bowl of beads I put it out of the way on top of the fridge (with a ton of other stuff I didn't know what to do with).

I wasn't able to finish cleaning the kitchen before lunch time, so I had to stop cleaning to make food for the kids. I decided on perogies because they are quick and I know that about half the time the kids will eat them without too much fuss. When I opened the freezer door the bowl with the hundred beads fell, causing the beads to rain all over the kitchen floor. As I tried to pick them up Jeremy came over, reached down and picked up an indeterminable number of beads before I could stop him. Actually, I didn't even notice until Megan said something and I saw that his little fist was protectively closed and he was looking quite defensive.

Megan tried to get him to open his fist and started to get really upset about him having the beads. Figuring it was just because she wanted me to fix her bracelet, I told her not to worry and that I would get the beads back from him in a minute. She then proceeded to freak out, yelling that he was going to eat the beads and that we'd never get them back.

At this point I was already tired from not sleeping much the night before (Jeremy apparently doesn't sleep well while being weened off the bottle), cleaning the kitchen for three and a half hours (still not even half-way finished at this point), washing every dish that we own (almost literally), and ticked that the beads had fallen in the first place. Plus, I'd had to deal with the usual sibling rivalry that threatens my sanity every minute of every day, Jeremy's new terrible twos behavior, and Megan's strange desire to mirror Jeremy's tantrums.

I raised my voice in frustration, "Well, then we'll get the beads back when he poops!" I went back into the kitchen and started putting the perogies in the boiling water. Then I heard Megan's sweet, coaxing voice, "Could you poop for me, Jer? Come on bud, can you poop for me?"

I couldn't believe it. She was asking him to poop so she could have her beads. I didn't think he'd already eaten them, but I left the kitchen and checked his mouth. Empty. I opened his hand and found a single pink bead.

I can't believe that Megan actually thought I'd check his poop for her bead. Gross!


Jessica said...

That is so hilarious! I love your kids..

janeen said...

I love it! Kids are always so funny even when they are driving us nuts!

Leanne said...

That's awesome! Sometimes I want to give my kids away, doesn't that happen to everyone?

roygunn said...

Watch what you say.....I can remember some pretty gross things myself! I just won't go there, for the sake of not embarrass someone we all know and love.