Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Favorite Things continued . . .

Number two on the favorites list is Board Games.

Some favorite games are (in no particular order):

1. Killer Bunnies (we have quite a few expansions)
2. Bohnanza (we have an expansion, but haven't played it yet)
3. Once Upon a Time (with the Dark Tales expansion)
4. Carcassonne
5. Scrabble
6. Princes of Florence
7. Puerto Rico
8. Saint Petersburg
9. Citadels (with or without expansion)
10. Fluxx (we have one of the original versions, Eco-fluxx, and zombie fluxx. any are great fun.)

One of our friends has come up with a game idea that is awesome. We've had fun helping him with it when he and his wife come over for game nights. We played it a couple times so far, trying to help get rid of little bugs and stuff in the game (nix rules, create rules, etc.). So far the game has been a lot of fun for me to play and work on.

Number three on the list would have to be my laptop.

Because of this laptop I can leave the house and still work on my books. I don't get out of the house much, with or without the kids. So when Nathan is home and I get time to write, I take my laptop and go some place with an outlet.


Amber Jo said...
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Amber Omer said...

Kellie--you are awesome! I miss you! I wish we lived closer!
I loved your game list and your book list! I'm going to start reading them all one at a time! Any specific book you think I should start with?

Jessica said...

What about Power Grid?

Kellie Buckner said...

Power Grid is a very awesome game. It isn't one of my top favorites, but I do like it a lot. I wanted to end my list at ten games and Fluxx won out over Power Grid because I've actually won Fluxx.

Leanne said...

We love killer bunnies...when did you get sucked in? we miss playing games with you guys!!!