Monday, June 6, 2011

Megan the Botanist

 A couple years ago my mom gave Megan a book about flower fairies. It's a gorgeous book with beautiful drawings of real flowers, the fairies that frequent those flowers, and a poem about each one.

This afternoon Megan came up to me, book in hand, and told me she'd found some Nightshade flowers in our backyard. She saw the flowers and thought they looked like the Nightshade in her book, so she'd come inside to check and yep, they were. I immediately told her that was cool and figured the flowers weren't really Nightshade, but some flower with similar colors. But nope, they really were Nightshade.

When I went out to see the flowers she told me that these were also one she recognized from her book. Traveler's Joy flowers.


Sunday, June 5, 2011


Nathan got a small video camera and so we've been busy videoing the kids.  Enjoy!

 Jeremy's soccer practice

Megan's dance with her two best friends for the school talent show


Lincoln sitting up on his own

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day

 For Memorial Day we watched the parade (it's awesome because it's on the street right by us, so we don't have to travel far, just 50 feet or so) and then we met some friends from church at Sulfur Springs. Megan and I had found this place accidentally a few weeks ago and had hiked around, so it was really cool to come back with family and friends. Unfortunately, I slipped and fell early on in the day so I opted to stay out of the water and just visit with friends at the picnic tables.

Nathan took the pictures, so enjoy!

Then on Tuesday I babysat. I told Emma she had to have quiet time in her room while the other kids were taking their naps. She fought me on it, but I told her if she didn't go up there then I'd put her down for a nap, too. With that she went up to her room to play quietly.
So quietly in fact, that she fell asleep in her sleeping bag. It was pretty awesome.

That night I filled a bunch of water balloons for the kids. They've been begging to do water balloons since it was still 40 degrees outside. It got to 100 on Tuesday so I figured it was hot enough.




This is really the only good shot. They actually have pretty horrible aim because they are too worried about getting hit themselves.