Monday, June 6, 2011

Megan the Botanist

 A couple years ago my mom gave Megan a book about flower fairies. It's a gorgeous book with beautiful drawings of real flowers, the fairies that frequent those flowers, and a poem about each one.

This afternoon Megan came up to me, book in hand, and told me she'd found some Nightshade flowers in our backyard. She saw the flowers and thought they looked like the Nightshade in her book, so she'd come inside to check and yep, they were. I immediately told her that was cool and figured the flowers weren't really Nightshade, but some flower with similar colors. But nope, they really were Nightshade.

When I went out to see the flowers she told me that these were also one she recognized from her book. Traveler's Joy flowers.



The Holdaway's said...

That is neat that she is finding the flowers from books.

Just to let you know - after the Nightshade has flowers, it will have seeds and the seeds are very poisonous.

CL Beck, author said...

Good for her. That's cool that she is using the book to identify flowers!