Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm Leaving in a Mini Van . . . Don't know when I'll be Back Again

Yes, in about four and a half hours we will be on our way to Tucson, AZ and then after that we will trek north to SLC. For those of you in the Logan area, we'll be there December 22. Hope to see you!!! Why am I still awake if we are driving at 5:00 A.M.? I was finishing Christmas presents that won't be fun to work on in the van. ModPodge and vans just don't get along. Neither do vans and sewing machines. Ah well. At least they are done now. Or at least drying now.

Wanna see?
Do ya, do ya, do ya?

This is for my sister in-law. She just had a beautiful baby boy named Tristan.
This was my first attempt at doing anything with a canvas. Unfortunately it shows that this was my first time with a canvas. Also I couldn't find my thin paintbrush and I had to paint the words on with the edge of the tip of a foam brush. It wasn't easy, so lay off. The boat, train, and "T" are all from scrap fabrics I got from my friend Lindsey.

Here is my cheaper version of a pirate map I saw online. The online store wanted $17. I wasn't willing to pay it and so I was forced to draw my own boat and alligator.
It was actually really easy and quick to make.
I think Jeremy will get a lot of play out of thise since he loves to say, "Argh, Maty!"

This is a picture frame (I actually made this a while back). If you look close you'll be able to see what book I ripped the pages from. I decided I'd never read the book again, so why keep it around in its entirety? Not sure who this if for yet. Who wants it? Any takers?


janeen said...

Cute gifts! How long are you going to be in UT? If you are here for a while after Christmas and you're in SLC lets try to get together, Kristine will be in town too!

the wilsons said...

Good luck. Have fun. Give us a call if you've got time!

Leanne said...

I can't believe that you, Kellie would destroy a book like that...shame shame shame! just kidding. I've never read it!

So, call me!