Monday, March 31, 2014

Homemade Halloween

 This post is so ridiculously late. But here's our Halloween. From last year.

Jeremy and Megan were Link and Zelda from The Legend of Zelda, Emma was a classic witch, and Lincoln was a monster.

I didn't include a back picture of her costume because really, it's just a black dress and cape, what's to see?

I cannot begin to describe the stress the detail Megan's costume required. Please don't look close :)

Yep. Stolen right off Pinterest except I made it even simpler because, hey, did you even see the other costumes I had to make??

Nathan made the sword holder thingy (and yes, that's my technical term for it) and he crocheted the "chainmail."

The best part about all these costumes? These were probably the cheapest costumes we've ever done. I had to buy almost none of the fabric as it was all given to me by a gentleman at church whose wife passed away well before we moved here. His kids had already gone through her fabric and taken what they wanted and he gave the rest to me. The little leather pouch on Jeremy's belt is from a leather purse we found at Goodwill. Nathan cut it up and I sewed it together. I think the duct tape used to carry his sword is the most expensive piece of any of the costumes.

I hope your Halloween (almost 6 months ago) was fabulous.

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