Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm Tired of Finding Tooth Marks in My Deodorant

Emma has an obsession. She loves deodorant. She will often go to the upstairs bathroom, hoping that a sibling or father has left the door open. Quietly, ever so quietly, she will open all the drawers and rifle through them. Once she has found her treasure she opens it. If her treasure came out of Nathan's drawer, she tries to put it on. Her attempts are typically aimed on her neck and sometimes underarms. If her treasure came out of my drawer, she bites it. It looks like this time though, after getting a little taste, she painted the bathroom counter with it.

So far today she has

run away to our neighbor's house 2x
escaped the house numerous times
refused lunch and demanded candy
stood on my laptop
stood on me
thrown dirt all over the driveway
thrown gardening bagged dirt on Jeremy and a boy I was babysitting
brought ants into the house
spat milk out all over herself
stuck light brites up her nose
stolen toys away from every sibling and child I've babysat
drawn on one of my books
thrown crayons all over our computer room
made a mess in the basement after I cleaned it up
took all the books off her bookshelf after I put them all away

and now, ate my deodorant and drew all over the bathroom counter with it.

I can hear her up there again, so please excuse me.


Leanne said...

uh oh. sounds like a mega troublemaker! lock the doors!!!!
(up high)

Jackie said...

It sounds like you need a cruise as well. :)

startabbie said...

umm she is quite the handful- she seemed so innocent at moms last month!

katie said...


Danyelle Ferguson said...

Ugh! I hate days when the kids just act out over and over again. Just keep counting down the minutes and hours until you can escape for a little break. You can do it, girl!

Kyle, Amy, and Joshua said...

WOW!!! I had a roommate that ate gluesticks...hopefully Emma grows out of her love of eating deoderant. :)

rachel said...

SO funny!! Maybe that's why she refused lunch? She filled up on deodorant? Seriously, if you find a way to enjoy every minute of this toddler thing, let me know! I simultaneously feel guilty for not cherishing every minute and being delighted at the prospect that my toddler will not always be a toddler...sigh.

JerieH said...

Thank you, Thank you, thank you. I was begining to think that it was only my Ginny that was impossible to keep up with!

Summer said...

Oh boy! I have days like that with Hannah too!

CL Beck, author said...

Oh my gosh, Kellie. I'm sorry but that was so absolutely funny! Not to you right now, but when you read it again in about 18 years, it's going to really tickle you.

Colin & Lori said...

Oh little Emma, you are a tornado and I thought Cole was trouble!! Give your mom a break, huh? Hang in there Kellie!! This too shall pass. When is the question!