Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Is it still considered truant if the kids in question are being taken out of school by their parents? So far this school year, our kids have missed over three weeks of school. Not here a day, there a day, but two weeks here, another week there, and soon to be, another three weeks all over the place.

Good thing it's just preschool, right?

In the fall when Megan starts kindergarten, we won't be doing this. That is what we keep telling ourselves, anyway. We missed those first two weeks because I really missed my family in Texas, in particular, my sister. We went for two weeks, because one week just really isn't enough time to make the airfare worth it. Then, last week we went to Salt Lake City. I had a writing conference (which will be in a different post) in Provo and my in-laws were wonderful enough to host us until that started and saintly enough to watch my kids while I was at the conference. Now we will be heading back to Salt Lake for my sister in-law's wedding. It's Nathan's youngest sibling getting married and of course we have to be there. Plus, his other sister will have just had a baby--bonus!

So, pictures will be coming soon. Because I'm lazy like that. The camera is upstairs and I'm downstairs and I have to go get Megan from school (she actually attending this week!) in a few minutes.


Leanne said...

what?! I didn't see you!!! When are you coming back? I DEMAND a visit!!

JerieH said...

Hey, I don't think it counts till she is in a grage K-12. I have kept Jacob out of his pre-k for reason a varried as "I have to be somewhere ate the time he needs to picked up" and "you hit a kid at school today - no school tomorrow" (He is at a point where this is the biggest, meanest thing I can do to him - nice isn't it?).

In fact when Kurt depoys (some time in the future) I plan on visiting everyone I know so Jacob will be missing a lot of school at that point!