Saturday, February 26, 2011


I've been more than a little bit busy lately. My friend Kristy and I are starting up an etsy shop. We will be selling the cutest, prettiest, best aprons in the universe (other than the ones my sister in-law makes, of course). So much to our pocketbook's chagrin, and much to the pleasure of my heart, I've been buying tons of fabric and patterns.

I had some leftover fabric from a dang cute plastic apron and decided to use it to make something for myself. Here it is.

I didn't have a pattern to go off of and I've never made a purse before, so this one is a bit rough, but still, I love it! I took a dinner plate and traced out four circles, two on the plastic and two on a lightweight denim I had leftover from a skirt I made 6 years ago (I know because I made the skirt after having Megan and none of my dresses or skirts fit anymore). So the dark part you see in the picture is the denim, it's what's lining the purse. It was fun putting it together and I learned some new sewing stuff, too.

Now here is where I sewed it.

And yes, that is a bowl of Girl Scout ice cream sitting there. It has now been devoured. So this awesome sauce sewing table is what Nathan ordered for me when we got my sewing machine. It arrived yesterday and we set it up so I could get going on all the aprons. Since it sits next to the computer (there is seriously no room for anything else in this room) I told Nathan that I can sew while he sits at the computer and does Extraction, or Indexing, as the Church calls it now. That man is well into the thousands with how many names he'd done. And all in about one month!

Anyway, expect lots of sewing from me in the next while.

Another project from this weekend was these cuties. Actually, they are little pegs from Joann craft store. I have no idea if the package called them peg people or not, but I saw these on Grace Violet way back in 2009 and really wanted to make them but didn't think I could make cute ones like her. These, instead of going on a ribbon necklace like hers, have been turned into magnets and put on a message board I made. I took a 12X12 wooden board, painted it red, cut out a 10X10 sheet of metal, nailed it onto the wood, had Nathan drill two holes on top and tied ribbon through the holes. These two little ladies are the magnets for it and went as a birthday present for Megan's friend today. I plan on making more of these little cute dolls.


Raspberry said...

I LOVE the idea of those dolls being magnets. SO COOL!

Jane said...

oh kellie please move closer to me so you can share your skills!

Leanne said...

I have been wanting to make some of those peg people too! with a fabric dollhouse to go with...just haven't had the time!