Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Magic Mommy Juice

Tired? Easily frustrated? Feeling overworked? 
Try Magic Mommy Juice!

All kidding aside, this is amazing. A couple weeks ago I bought a couple of hard plastic bottles to use for water. I haven't been a big water drinker since leaving Texas because I think the water everywhere else I've lived is nasty. I decided to make a conscious effort to drink more water anyway. The first week I had a hard time drinking all of one bottle. I came close, but had to force myself to get to the end of that bottle. I didn't notice any great changes in me, but kept doing it.
After about a week I could drink a couple water bottles and then I realized something. I felt better. I wasn't nearly as cranky with the kids and I could handle frustration better, too. So, I've been trying to keep it up. I can drink three bottles now and I've noticed that not only do I feel better (and behave better), but I'm losing weight a little faster. I finally fit into a skirt I thought I'd never fit into again! Yay for water!

So there you go, folks! Your Magic Mommy Juice! Go out and get some today!


Krystal Rose Webb said...

Yeah for water!!! I'm picky about my water too but we got a Brita when we moved here and it works wonders!

Leanne said...

your body is mostly made up of water, keep that in mind! it also relieves headaches and dry skin! amazing.

Nikki said...

I read somewhere recently that water helps with congestion. So, since I've been congested since July, I've been trying to drink a lot more.

I'm not sure if it's helped the congestion, but it couldn't hurt!

Melanie said...

This is good to know. I've constantly got muscle and back pain (stress - I carry it in my shoulders) and I have felt like crud. Seth and my doctor both tell me to drink more water but I hate the stuff.
I guess I'll actually have to try now. 'Course, Seth is going to be annoyed that I'm totally willing to listen to you and take your advice but I roll my eyes every time he tells me the same thing. ;)

khuxel04 said...

We have a two gallon container of filtered water in our fridge and I find on the days I drink more I do better too.

khuxel04 said...

Ummmm, I forgot to sign in under my account so these two from Khuxel04 are from Jerie : )