Friday, March 18, 2011

I Double Dog Dare You

Have you ever seen this video with Brian Regan? He talks about how serving sizes are too small. Last night we were playing a game with some friends and brought out a huge bag of M&Ms. They were just the plain kind (I like peanut better), but still, they were chocolate. After a couple small handfuls we started reading some of the nutritional information on the bag. A serving size of M&Ms is a quarter cup. A quarter cup! I of course, being a girl and able to pack away a lot of chocolate, scoffed at the idea of a quarter cup being a serving size and announced that I could eat a quarter cup of M&Ms in one handful. Nathan, who of course has a much better understanding of measurements, said I could not. We went back and forth a little bit and then he did it. He dared me to eat a quarter cup of M&Ms in one go.

Usually I don't take Nathan up on his dares. He usually offers to pay me $50 to $100 for his dares, but they are things like, "Eat one of Lincoln's boogers" and then I say no.

He offered no payment for this one. I guess he thought the chocolate would be payment enough.

Anyway, I stood up, went to the kitchen for the appropriate measuring cup, and dug out the M&Ms. I poured them into my hand to see just how much bigger than a normal handful it was. It overflowed a bit and to be honest, I got a little nervous. But only a little. I still thought I could do it, even if it was more M&Ms than I'd expected.

I poured the M&Ms back into the measuring cup and left them on the table for a bit. I got a cup of milk in an attempt to rid my mouth of lingering chocolate taste from the candies I'd already eaten. I wanted to wait until I really wanted more chocolate and wasn't just eating them because they were in front of me.

Well, that didn't happen. I mentioned in the beginning that we were playing a game during this. Well, Nathan did something in the game that ticked me off. I don't remember exactly what it was, maybe he killed my Congenial Bunny or something, but I got mad, grabbed the measuring cup full of M&Ms and began downing it.










But I did it. There were two M&Ms that got stuck in the measuring cup. I sat there shaking the cup and trying to hit it against my mouth without knocking the M&Ms overflowing from my mouth out. They wouldn't budge. So one of our friends grabbed two more from the bag and I added them to my mouth. (The two in the cup were wet with my spit, hence her not grabbing the two from in the cup.)

I may never eat another M&M as long as I live.

At least not the plain ones.


Manda said...

That's funny right there!
Now I want some m&m's!!!!
You should try the coconut, they're yum!

JerieH said...

Kurt once told me I would never shave my head. I was so close to doing it just out of spite....

Janelle said...

Plain M&Ms are disgusting. A quarter of a cup is way big of a serving for them.

Raspberry said...

That is so gross. I have a hard time shoving mroe than one bite in my mouth at a time. So, you shoudl have totally held out for the 50 - 100 bucks. :)

Leanne said...

I think I would still eat them. I mean I know how gross McDonald's and Wendy's foods are, but I still eat there. And I love me some Chocolate!

Karen said...

I had no idea this was a personal story. I would have read it sooner. are so fun and I am quite proud of you and your chocolate eating ability!

Tell Nathan, he owes you now...whatever you want. : )

Ry and Kris Jones said...

That was funny:) I commend your tenacity! Also, just so Nathan knows I would eat one of Lincoln's boogers for $100.

Nikki said...

I knew I liked you!

Summer said...

HaHaHa! That's so funny! Too bad there was no video!