Friday, March 25, 2011

Pictures for Grandma

My mom asked for pictures of the kids (assuming she wouldn't be able to recognize them at the airport next time we visit) so I thought I'd do a post of our recent activities.

 Playing with Lincoln. Of course.

 Emma LOVES the game Memory and asks to play it constantly. Really. I mean constantly.

I took Jeremy on a play date to the children's museum (and by consequence, Emma and Lincoln). So here are a few pictures of the kids from that day. Most are of Emma because she kept running off anytime I wasn't super glued to her side. Jeremy spent most of the time with his friend, Arthur and his dad.

 Jeremy wouldn't enter the sand pit. After several attempts to get him to go in I finally gave up. I thought it was because he was having his "social issues" where he just didn't want to play with other kids, but when we left he told me it was because he didn't want sand in his clothes and then have to go to school in dirty clothes. Makes sense.

 We've also been experiencing more snow.
I've been fighting against it though and refuse to wear my coat most days.
And see that blasted orange piece of something I'm not supposed to say sitting there at the end of my drive? It's been there for about a month at least. Will someone from the city please finish the street so I can back out of my driveway without worrying about hitting that huge thing? I mean really, the snow is gone now, and won't be back for a couple days. Do something now!!
 Quick! Seriously, the drive from the city buildings isn't that far from me. See those houses behind the orange thing? Those are the city hall.

 And here's Emma with her black eye. She tripped at a friend's house two Sundays ago and hit her eye against a train table. She doesn't even realize it's there, so that is good. But now she's got a scratch above the same eye because she took her stick horse and knocked down a picture frame from the mantle. It landed on her head before breaking on the carpet. Or maybe it was her hard head that broke it after all.

 And in baby news, Lincoln rolled over!!

 He was going for the blanket you see on the far right. He was very excited when he finally got it.

The only other thing I've got pictures of that we've been up to is that I've made more of those little wooden peg dolls.  I bought this serving tray at Joann Fabrics for half off and then bought some sheet metal at Home Depot. I cut it to fit in the tray, glued it in, and ta-da! The magnets I glued on the bottom of the dolls after I painted them stick to the sheet metal and have made for lots of play time for the girls.

I actually have one ore doll that I made for them, but the magnet fell off, so I have to glue it again.

I had Nathan drill into two of them and then thread ribbons through little metal things we screwed into the holes to make necklaces.

I'll get a picture of the girls wearing the necklaces later. They are asleep right now.

Well, Grandma, I hope those pictures will last you for a little while :)


Mary said...

Lincoln is so, so, sooo cute! I can't get over it.

Luke is constantly wanting to play games too. We should just have them play together. Haha.

Do you guys have a pass to the childrens museum? A bunch of us, including a bunch of girls from cleve 3rd, go on Monday mornings around 10. You should come!

Lisa said...

Oh, I miss the children's museum! And, I LOVE those dolls you made - I can't wait until Sylvie is old enough to love things like that.

Marilyn said...

Cute pics! It looks like you guys have been having a lot of fun! I like those little wooden dolls that you painted for your daughters and apparently Aurora did, too today.

Summer said...

Holy Cow! LOVE the little dolls you made! So cute!