Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Happenings

The Easter Bunny came to our house. Luckily he didn't give out a ton of candy like last year. He gave some candy, so the kids would be happy, but then he dropped off camping pillows to each kid as well as some fun Easter pencils.

Isn't this funny? My friend Kristy and I saw this as we were scouting out good picture taking spots.
Megan's skirt didn't turn out quite how I wanted it to, but that's my fault. I didn't buy the right kind of fabric because I was too cheap. Emma's was cute though.
Jeremy and his favorite Easter Egg (which the kids all called dinosaur eggs).
Megan with her favorite Easter Egg.

Emma with her favorite Easter Egg.


Kim said...

Ooooh, more details on Megan's skirt please. Very cute!

Summer said...

Happy Easter!!! LOVE the dresses you made! I'm so impressed!

Marilyn said...

I loved Megan's skirt at church. It was so cute. You will have to show me how you made that-wow!

Shawny said...

Your girls looked so adorable!