Thursday, April 14, 2011

Smorgasbord of Lincoln

 Time has flown. Really. Lincoln is 6 months old already. Seriously, where did my baby go?

He's teething,can you tell?

We've been spending as much time outside as possible. Here is he discovering grass for the first time.

Get this blanket out of my way! I want to see what this green stuff is!

Lincoln is such a joy in our family. Sure, he keeps me awake all night long, but he gives me slobbery, wet kisses every day as he says, "Ba ba ba," so it's okay.  Right now he loves to eat, play with his toes, and roll over (especially during diaper changes).

The other kids are still enamored with him for the most part (Emma being the only one that's feeling a little jealous of the time I spend with him instead of playing Memory with her). His eyes are still a shocking blue and I really hope they stay that way.

Right now he's in my arms, fast asleep and looking like a fat cherub. I love it. Unfortunately, it's nearly midnight, so I better put him in his crib and myself to bed.

Lincoln, thanks for putting up with the craziness in our family. We love you!


Dallas, Dad, Big D & I said...

Your comment about playing memory with your daughter brought back memories of my own when our oldest was wanting to play memory when the baby needed some attention. These are good times and it sounds like you are positive about them. Good Job!

Leanne said...

He's so cute!