Monday, July 18, 2011

In His Fifth Year . . .

Happy Birthday, Jeremy!

Wearing his nightshirt I made him and holding the Lego person he made at the Lego store.

I love the Dr. Seuss fabric line. I think I posted a picture of Emma with her birthday pillowcase I made, so here's Jeremy with his.
Cool clothes from Grandma Rosie

Remote Control Truck!
Wooden map of the U.S.

With all his loot

Jeremy wanted lava cakes for his birthday instead of a traditional birthday cake, which was just fine with me! He also picked out caramel and double chocolate Magnum ice cream bars :)

We love you, Jeremy! We hope you love being 5!

5 Fun Things About Jeremy: His favorite drink is water, he loves Legos, he loves to imagine new kinds of machines and then draw them, he can read but doesn't want anyone to know about it yet, and he is awesome!

Jeremy still gives the best hugs out of anyone I know. He's such a great big brother and he loves to play with Megan. He's almost always willing to play anything she wants to play and is so helpful with Lincoln. He was so patient while the girls and I did the musical, This is Kirtland! this summer. He even came to see the show a couple times and he paid attention!

The only thing this picture has to do with Jeremy's birthday is that it was taken on the same day, but look who's pulling himself up on everything!!

The next Einstein?

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