Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shots From This is Kirtland!

Before the show

Megan's stage fright presented itself in the form of touching her face. All the time.

The Education scene. Megan's line is, "What's arithmetic?' Which, of course, she already knows.

"Horace needs you heellp!'

Education song! "History and numbers!"
Me asking Thankful Pratt to stay with me while our husbands are away on missions since her house burned down.

Emma Smith (Kim) holding Emma. She played Julia Murdock Smith.
Good thing we took pictures on the night Emma didn't pretend to eat everyone's noses in this scene.

This is Megan's favorite scene: Women's Response. She gets to eat fresh peas and green beans while we sing.
Me and the two girls next to me, we did a very winterguard-ish dance with the garden hoes we are holding. It was awesome! Our choreographer was a guard instructor for something like 10 years.

The rocking scene. Emma is supposed to pretend to go to sleep, which she actually did almost every night.

After the show. Boy are we tired and H-O-T with all those layers and lights!
 Doing this show was a huge time commitment, but it was also a great source of blessings for our family. I am really grateful that we were able to participate and for everything we learned from doing it.

Things I Learned From Being Elizabeth Ann Whitney for a Summer:

-How to use bobby pins.
-To see the blessings in the hardships
-To have more faith
-The importance of looking for opportunities to serve others
-and while I already knew this one, my testimony of the living Christ was strengthened


JerieH said...

Hey I made Emmma's dress!

You all look great!

Colin & Lori said...

I love that all three of you were in the play! I am so sad I missed it this year. I left just a few weeks too early. So many ward members were in it. I miss you guys!