Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Playing Catch Up

I promise we had a first day of school just like all the other Mommy Bloggers out there. I've just been really lazy about posting. Sorry, mom :) Here are pictures, as requested.

To get ready for school we had a tea party. Here is the tea party before the tea party. Seriously, for days there were tea parties. Poor Jeremy. I promised him a treasure hunt to celebrate the beginning of school in a more manly way, but it hasn't happened yet. I kind of ate the treasure. . . .
Guess I'll just have to plan another one and go shopping again.

Here is the real tea party that the girls had to celebrate the new school year. There were tons of junk food, freely flowing Kool Aid, and real tea cups (bone china from our local thrift) for the girls I thought could handle them. I made feather barrettes for each of the girls so they could be "fancy."

First day of school for Megan and Jeremy.
Yes, I know this is a picture of Megan and Emma and not Jeremy. I don't remember why he wasn't in this picture.

The cool first grader

Here's Jeremy outside the "Elephant Doors" which lead to the kindergarten classrooms. We were really blessed, he got the perfect teacher and is in the same class as his best friend, Patrick. I was so afraid he would get the grumpy teacher and not have Patrick with him. Of course, the first day of school they were separated for goofing off!
But they've promised to behave and now they get to sit together again ;)

Emma on her first day! So excited!!!!
Notice she's wearing the same jean jacket Megan wore for her first day of school. They are already sharing clothes :)

Very typical pose for Emma, here.

Anyway, there's at least the beginning of the new school year. I'm starting to catch up! More to come :)


Janelle said...

Kellie, Megan looks so much like you in the "cool first grader" picture.

JerieH said...

holy cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Emma is getting so big!