Friday, October 12, 2012

Happy Birthday, Nathan!

 Nathan's birthday was in September. I really haven't been blogging much, have I? Sorry about that, Nathan. Well, here are a few pictures. A couple days before his birthday he was finally able to guess what his present was, so we let him open it early.
He got a Whirly Pop Popcorn Maker and we love it. As you can see, he was very happy about it.

He asked for brownies for his birthday and to make it a little more birthday cake-like,
they were baked in a round pan.

Nathan, we love you and are very proud of you. 
You are the best husband and father we could wish for :)

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The Mirci Kids said...

I can't believe how big everyone is! I knew Nate was big, but Lincoln is fast approaching! I don't blog much, well, at all right now so I thought with my new internet and wi-fi, I'd catch up on some doings of some good old friends. The kids and I are doing awesome still at home in SLC. My cell, and e-mail are still the same, if you want to catch up.
-Diane :)