Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lincoln Turns Two!!

 Happy Birthday, Lincoln!!

 The Big T-W-O!

This seems forever ago already, but due to blogger having issues with Firefox, I've been unable to post. So basically I'm saying it's not my fault, mom, that you haven't been seeing the pictures I keep promising to post.

But Yay!! Happy Birthday, Little Bud! Lincoln turned two a couple weeks ago and it was a lot of fun. I wanted to do a big party for him with a train theme, but since I was way pregnant, way tired, and way underfunded, we went low key instead.

Lincoln LOVES trains and buses right now. And he gets to see plenty of them here. We've got some trains that seem permanantly parked on their tracks that we pass all the time, so he knows when to look out his window and yell, "Choo-choo! Mama! Choo-choo!" And then the older kids all take a bus to school in the morning and the bus stop happens to be our mailbox, so every morning he gets to see a school bus up close and yell, "Bus!!" and wave to it and blow kisses. When I saw this Little People School Bus, I knew it would be perfect for him. And indeed, he was very excited to have his very own school bus.

Here's Lincoln trying to help me with his birthday cake. I decided that since we couldn't throw the cool birthday bash I wanted to do for him, he was at least going to get a cool cake. So I scoured my Pinterest boards for a cake I thought I could do that would be fun.

He grabbed the rounded top part of the cake that I'd cut off. Luckily it wasn't a major part of the cake.

Didn't want to blow the candles out. He ended up being a little scared of the candles because we're good parents and have taught him not to play with fire :)

So Lincoln, I hope you had a fun birthday and that you love being 2. Usually it's a hard age, and I've already seen some of the frustrations that come along with the age, but I've also seen you embracing this new stage in your life. You're calling yourself "boy" instead of "baby" now, you insist on doing a lot of things yourself, such as buckle your seat belt, get dressed or undressed, and choose exactly which diaper I'm allowed to put on you. We are still dealing with your screaming when you get frustrated, so we are trying to wait patiently for your communication skills to catch up.

You love stories, Toy Story and Tangled, dogs, trains, buses, Papa, grasshoppers, Hot Wheels cars, and you are obsessed with my belly and the baby inside (which by the time I'm posting this is outside my belly).

One of your favorite books is Bedtime at the Swamp, which is one of my favorites, too. Every morning when you wake up and dad isn't here or is getting ready to leave, you get upset. You are so attached to your Papa and hate to see him go without you. It's usually a big ordeal, trying to get you ok with him leaving for work.

You LOVE going to nursery at church. We've got the best nursery leader ever and you took to her right away, just like all the other kids.

You don't eat much. Dad and I struggle with your eating habits, but I know that sometime this year you'll realize food is yummy and start eating more. Pretty much anything you do eat, is on a sometimes basis. Sometimes you eat macaroni and cheese. Sometimes you eat chicken nuggets. Sometimes you will eat a pb&j. But you love, love, love milk.

We seriously need to video tape you more because you can be really cute sometimes when we ask you questions. You don't ever say "yes" to anything, you say, "a-huh!" and you do it with your bright blue eyes shining, a huge smile on your face, and you just look so excited every time.

I'm so glad you are part of our family, Lincoln! We love you very much!!

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