Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy Halloween!

 Happy Halloween!

(a bit late)

The Army is weird. Ok, I love the Army, grateful for it, glad to support it in any way I can. But it's weird. The Dentac had a required Halloween Party. We had to attend and we had to be there for the whole thing. And it was long. I got sunburned. I still have some of that burn.

Anyway, here are some pictures from the Halloween party and from actual Halloween day. We didn't take pictures of the kids trick-or-treating, but we got some of them posing just before we left.

There was a pretty cool playground where we had the party.

The amount of cotton candy that was consumed should be illegal.

I'm a nervous person. I hate when my babies climb these and get too high.

Indiana Jones!!

Lincoln and Emma each won an award for their costumes. Lincoln got this cool basket full of fun stuff and Emma, poor Emma, got a certificate.


It's Indiana Jones again!

Lincoln with his award-winning costume and pumpkin bucket

Megan in her poodle skirt.

Emma as Rapunzel.

Yes, I made the hair. Yes, I hated making it. No, I'll never do it again.
Halloween itself was pretty fun. We went on base to trick-or-treat since the houses are closer together and we'd know some people there. Our 13 year old neighbor went with us to help with the kids, so that was awesome. Gosh, I love living next door to a girl who practically pays me to let me babysit.

The kids got way too much candy this year since we had a trunk-or-treat at church, the Army Halloween party, and actual Halloween.  We've already begun the purge, taking certain candies and tossing them (like suckers and Laffy Taffy, we hate those here because they end up on our carpet).  Seriously people, where's the chocolate? Chocolate might melt and get messy, but at least it cleans up easily. Laffy Taffy stays in the carpet.

Anyway, I think next year we might skip the whole candy thing. Now if we can just get the neighborhood to go along with us. . . .

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