Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Another New Adventure

As I've been preparing for homeschooling the kids I've gone back and forth between feeling more excited and more scared. I feel inadequate a lot, but take comfort in the fact that the text books are easy to use, that there's a wealth of information available online, and that my kids love learning.

Preparing for homeschooling has, so far, taken up a lot of time. Looking at different curriculum, online lesson plans for supplementing and fun activities, changing the bedrooms around and creating a school room, there's been a lot to do and I feel like there still is. Because I am really not good at being organized, I tend to want to over organize and that is time consuming. But all in all, I'm excited and I feel blessed to live in a state where we have some of the best laws protecting homeschooling. I feel blessed to have kids who love to learn and are very proactive about their learning. I feel blessed to know that with the proper text books and with my own knowledge and wisdom, and with Christ's help, I can teach my children what they need to know and how to be good citizens.

Now, in the midst of all this, I am embarking on another adventure. This past Sunday I was given a new calling at church. For those of you who aren't familiar with LDS slang and terminology, a calling is a job you perform at church for a period of time. How long is usually dependent upon which calling you have, as some are held for a few years and others can be much shorter or longer. Before we officially moved here I was asked to create the Sunday program, the paper that says who's speaking, what songs we'll sing, and the announcements, calendar info, etc. Shortly after that I was asked to also teach the women's class (Relief Society) every fourth Sunday. I've loved my calling to teach. (The program calling is fine, mundane and at times stressful because it involves a computer program that I'm not that great at, but it's fine).

On Sunday I was released from my calling as a Relief Society teacher and called to be the Young Women's President.

I've never had a calling like this. The responsibility feels overwhelming at times, but I am incredibly excited. I've always wanted to work with the young women of the church (the 12-18 year olds) and I feel very blessed to have received this calling.

Just like with homeschooling, I will continue to go back and forth feeling excited and scared; I will feel inadequate a lot, but take comfort in my two councilors who will help me, the scriptures, my Savior, and the hundreds of activity ideas online :)  This will be incredibly time consuming and will require sacrifice from everyone in my family. There might be less vacation time and fewer bedtime stories read at night (at least those read by me), but I know that as a family we will be blessed.

Girls' Camp is coming up as well as Youth Conference. I am excited. I know both of these things will put a strain on my family, and I hope that they will bear it well. I find it kind of strange that I'm excited about Girls' Camp. I was never a big fan of it when I was in Young Women's. The rivalry between the different congregations really bugged me and it lost a lot of its fun because of that. I hope here they don't have that same rivalry. If it does exist here, I'll have to find some way of nipping it in the bud.

I have some ideas so far of what I want to accomplish with the girls, overall goals, I guess. I am mostly worried about activity ideas, I guess, and how to get them excited about Personal Progress. If any of you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

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Sarah said...

Oh my gosh! How exciting! I know you'll be brilliant at it. Have you checked pinterest for ideas?