Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Faye's First E.R. Trip

This girl is doing much better after a trip to the E.R.  Last week I dropped her, Link, and Emma off with a friend in the morning so I could work on the house a bit, organizing, cleaning, blah, blah, and when I went back to pick them up, Faye suddenly barfed everywhere. I felt awful. It wasn't chunky or anything because all she does is nurse and once in a while has rice cereal, but still, it was all over my friend's couch and floor.

After we left, Faye continued to throw up the whole way home. Then she fell asleep and woke only to barf. She did this maybe once every 10 minutes. She became totally out of it, not looking at me, no smiles or anything. After she emptied her stomach she started throwing up bile. I decided to take her to the E.R. because the pediatrician office didn't have any openings. It took them forever to get her seen. In fact, Nathan got off work and I went home to pump and take care of the other kids before Faye was taken back there, so we'd been in the waiting room for hours and hours.

She's all better now after getting some fluids in through an IV. I'm glad they gave her the IV, when Emma was dehydrated and couldn't keep anything down they refused to give her an IV and I felt like my whole day in the E.R. had been wasted.

So yay for a happy, healthy baby!

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Sarah said...

Poor thing, poor mama! I'm glad she's ok now