Monday, February 11, 2008

Riverdance Juniors

At the not-nearly-as-well-stocked-as-it-should-be Logan Library the other day I decided to check out a VHS. Yes, we are still living in the Dark Ages of Technology, please keep your laughter to a minimum if possible. Anyway, the video was, Riverdance-- The Show. I took clog dancing at Ricks College (took first place in the beginners' competition, thank you very much, and no, I will not call it BYU-Idaho) and I still love to watch it. Nathan kind of rolled his eyes when I told him what I'd checked out. On Saturday I wanted to watch it and thought Megan might like it since she's taking a dance class and has lately decided to try high kicks.

The kids loved it! It was hilarious! They were dancing all over the living room. After a dance where there were three guys dancing with three girls ("the colored skirt girls") Jeremy went into their bedroom and brought out a baby doll. He then proceeded to dance with it! It was the cutest thing ever. Megan got herself a doll, too, and they both just danced around the house to the music. Sunday night I talked Nathan into watching it with us as a family activity so we popped some popcorn and let the kids dance around again. It was fun for Nathan to get to see the kids enjoying the music and amazing skills of the dancers. It was also nice for me to see that Nathan could appreciate the speed and skill necessary for the performers. We both made a few jokes though. I mean, the main guy wears a white puffy shirt that reminds me of the puffy shirt Seinfield episode.

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