Monday, February 11, 2008

Colored Snow and a Big Boy Bed

A couple days ago I thought I'd be a fun mom. I put some red food dye in a spray bottle with plenty of water and took the kids outside to "color the snow." They were very excited about it. Unfortunately, Jeremy is only able to pull the trigger if the nozzle is pointing toward him. So obviously I helped him spray the snow so as to keep him from getting a face full of red water. At one point Megan discovered that she could step in the snow and then color her footprint. It was a pretty fun activity.

Also, Jeremy has graduated. He has a big boy bed. He doesn't actually fall asleep in it, since he knows that he can easily crawl out, but we are slowly making progress with him. The other day he did fall asleep in it because I was in the room rocking Megan (she'd hurt her knee or something and wanted to be rocked). He kept looking up from his pillow to see if I was still in the room, and since I was, he kept putting his head back on the pillow. Eventually he got tired of lifting his head and he fell asleep. I haven't been so lucky since then. The other night he kept getting up from his bed and playing with their toy kitchen. Then he'd come into the living room and smile at us. Nathan and I were trying to watch an old episode of House on the internet, so it was kind of annoying that we had to keep pausing it to take him back to his room, put him in bed again, and tell him night-night, only to have him get up one minute later. At one point he realized it was silly to play with the kitchen in the dark and decided to turn the bedroom light on. He's a lucky little sucker that Megan is a deep sleeper. . . . In the end he watched House, Are you Smarter Than a Fifth Grader, and the lame show about telling the truth. We decided not to watch that one again. I can't get over people clapping for the contestant after they admit to drunk driving. Anyway, enjoy the pictures.

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Jessica said...

i love his bed.. i think it's so cute! it'll probably be way cuter when he actually sleeps in it..