Sunday, November 2, 2008

Body Image-Dove Commercial

I saw this first video on Janette Rallison's blog (she's in the list of LDS authors on the right) and could not believe my eyes. Those of you with a TV that actually receives channels might have seen this before. Since the only shows I watch are House and Prison Break, and I only started watching them on TV and not the internet about a month ago, I had not seen these commercials.

I've thought about many "talks" I'd get to have with my daughters, but for some reason self-image talks never crossed my mind. I don't know why I never thought about it before, it isn't like I didn't suffer from low self/body image problems because I totally did (do). But never again will I allow myself to be fooled by "glamor mags" or any such nonsense again. I will be blogging on the same topic on the family blog, just so you know. (If you don't mind, just click on the link on the side bar so the site knows people are visiting it.)
Megan is always asking me if she looks pretty or cute or beautiful. And of course I think she does! I think she's a beautiful little girl, but I'm her mom and more than a little biased. Still, without all my biasedness, she is beautiful! I don't want her feeling like she has to compete with these women that don't really exist, or women who practically starve themselves, or who have eating disorders, or who butcher the fat out of themselves. It isn't realistic or healthy for our daughters to aspire to standards such as these. I for one will be more positive about how I look so that my daughters will have a good role model and I will be continually praising them for all their wonderful attributes, letting them know they are beautiful inside and out.


Janelle said...

I have seen this commercial before, and I absolutely love it! Kudos to Dove for standing up for women everywhere!

Heather B. Moore said...

Hi Kellie. I can send you a copy of ABINADI. Just email me your address at heather at hbmoore dot com. Thanks!

Beautiful Women Project said...

Through the stories of thirty five women ranging in age from three through ninety, The Beautiful Women Project ( has been traveling to raise awareness that it is the sum of a woman's life experiences that makes her beautiful. Young girls, tweens and teens are bombarded with messages on beauty in ways that us moms never had to deal with growing up. What society has lost track of is how a person meets their challenges and carries their experiences is a much larger part of their beauty than their physical body. Helping your daughters to discover what makes them feel beautiful, sharing experiences with them, will give them a solid foundation as they make their way through the body image maze.