Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Tragic Death

It sputtered. It flickered as it sent it's final error message. Then the next day it sat-cold and still, face black, but fan whirring. It beeped. Once, twice, three times. But alas, no life could be found. I cried. I moaned. I gnashed my teeth. I called the morgue, hoping they could resurrect it, but even they couldn't help me. They were having problems of their own. So I went to the morgue and all they could do was mourn with me and told me to send it back to its Maker.

I couldn't make the call. I was too upset. Nathan tried to reach this Supreme Maker via the internet, but we could not reach a person of real power. Indeed, we did not even speak his language well enough to understand his noncommittal answers. The answers that were given were strange and foreign to us: $398 to resurrect my dear friend, but $502 if I want the means to resurrect my friend myself? We were much confused and frustrated.

So upon Nathan's leaving to study, I buoyed up my courage and love and made the phone call. The first person I talked to was no help and gave similar foreign answers. I asked to speak to the Arch Angel of Makers, but was transferred instead to another person whose language I could not speak. I insisted upon speaking to the Ultimate Maker, but was denied time and again. I sat there with the blank face staring back at me and I stroked the shiny black face, cleaning it with my spit. The new person assured me he could help and upon Nathan's sudden reappearance, for much time had passed, gave us instructions in hopes of resurrection. But sadly, it was fruitless.

Nathan did infact continue speaking, attempting to learn the strange language of the Makers until finally a breakthrough was reached! Halleluia! Joyous Day! For finally a phrase was uttered which was understood by all and was most joyous to the ears!


And so it will be that a custom coffin will arrive today to take my dear friend back to it's Maker to be resurrected and brought back to me. YAY for bugging HP employees to the point that we get what we want for free! If they'd just answered the dang question I'd have been happy (almost) to pay for the stupid repair or buy a whole new laptop.

So, since I can't use my laptop, I don't know how much I'll be blogging for the next little while. I find the desktop cumbersome and the keyboard makes my wrist hurt, so probably not much. Let's hope for a speedy recovery! That or I'll just make Nathan blog for me while I dictate to him :) Love you, Nathan! I know you don't mind:) right?


Jess said...

so sad! i hope you didn't lose all of the games and stuff you had on there.. also, your books.. do you keep them on there? i hope all is well and that if/when your dear friend is resurrected, he/she doesn't have any brain damage..

Kellie Buckner said...

Thanks Jess. It is either a motherboard problem or a video card problem. We won't know until they check it out. Hopefully I won't lose anything on the hard drive.

Jess said...

oh my heck! we had a video card problem with our mac a couple months ago! it sucked, but we didn't lose anything.. i hope it's not a motherboard problem!

Leanne said...

one time I sent my lap top to get the screen part fixed (external repair) and they called me and wanted to wipe my entire hard drive and make me pay to back it up...jerks.(Gateway) Don't let them do it!!!!!!

Kristine said...

sorry to here about your loss. i hope it is only temporary.

i on the other hand perfer the big huge computers over lap tops. I don't like how small the keyboard and mouse is on laptops.

We will miss you while you are gone. although i am not convinced that you are going to stay away for long.

JerieH said...

I will keep my fingers crossed for a quick ressurection

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

Exact same thing happened to my brother's 2 month old laptop a few weeks ago. The good news HP fixed the problem for free. I hope you get back your laptop soon. I'll be helpless without mine.

Anonymous said...

This was great!!! I love all the descriptions and names you use. Was incredible but I hope that things work quickly and in your favor!!

trublubyu said...

good luck with your little friend. i wanna know how you were able to get them to repair for free.