Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So Long, Farewell, Auf wiedersehen, Adiu

So I'm leaving bright and early on an airplane tomorrow morning. Am I excited?

Oh Yeah!

I'm more than a little excited.

On Thursday I fly to SLC and a writing group friend is picking me up from the airport.

Then we drive to the Marriott Hotel in Provo where we get to hang out, write, do whatever we want.

On Friday and Saturday I get to go to the best writing conference ever--the LDS Storymakers Writers' Conference.

Then Sunday my wonderful in-laws will take me back to the airport so I can fly back home.

I get Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and most of Sunday kid-free.

I haven't had more than three or four hours of kid-free since last year's conference.
And at last year's conference I was pregnant and had contractions through the entire weekend.

Yes, it has been a year since I had anything other than the hours of 1 AM to 6 AM to myself. And sometimes I haven't even had that.

So a BIG THANK YOU to those taking my kids these days so I can go to the conference and Nathan can go to school.
And another HUGE THANK YOU to Nathan for letting me skip off to the conference and being willing to have the kids all to himself after he gets out of school. I know it isn't easy to have someone else's kids all day (believe me I know! That's how I paid for the conference and the plane ticket!) so I really, really, really appreciate it Lori, Mary, and Kristy!

And Nathan, I know it isn't easy to have our own kids sometimes, so I owe you.


Lindsey said...

Congrats Kellie! Have fun!

janeen said...

Have fun at the conference. Call me if you have time, if you don't I understand.

trublubyu said...

have a great time! i hope you are able to enjoy it and not worry about your kids while you are away.

Alice Jane said...

I am so jealous. That is all I have to say. Oh, and have fun!

janeen said...

Kellie, e-mail me your in-laws number. I'll probably be able to stop by in the evening around 7:30 or so.

rachel said...

Have SO MUCH fun Kellie!! I can't wait to hear all about it :)

JerieH said...

I thought you were going to smuggle me in your suit case! Oh, wait what would I do with my kids then...

Lilly said...

Hi Kellie! I just found your blog off of Kristy's. For some reason, I lost your phone number. I just saw you are out of town, and wanted to let you know that I could totally help out with the kids this wknd if Nate needs a break. Please call me ANYTIME if you need a sitter. 314-210-9314 Lilly would LOVE playmates! :) Jim is studying all wknd, and all Lilly and I have planned are two bday parties. So seriously, if Nate needs to study, I could help out with 1 or all 3 kiddos. We have to get together soon with the that spring is FINALLY here! Have so much fun!!! Laurie Rehm

Anne Bradshaw said...

Thanks for your comment, Kellie. Yes, wasn't conference wonderful? I was sad to miss the Whitney's, too. But loved reading and posting about it :-)