Monday, November 16, 2009

Sick Kids, No Naps, Not Fair

About a month ago all three of my kids had some nasty colds. This week my oldest kids have bacterial conjunctivitis (a bacterial version of pink eye instead of the nastier viral version) and double ear infections.

When they were sick a month ago, they were still bouncing off the walls and playing just as hard as usual. It was like pulling teeth to get them to lay down for naps, and in the end I only ever got Megan to take one and Jeremy to lay down for half an hour. Emma took her normal naps, no extras.

Now they are sick again and still have normal energy functioning! What is wrong here? Why is it that my kids don't feel tired when they are sick? I remember going to bed and staying in bed, or sleeping on the couch when I was sick. I don't remember wanting to run around my parents' house like a maniac or go outside to play.

Any suggestions?


ali said...

Haha! I know exactly what you mean! I've been wondering the same thing ;~

Janelle said...

Meh...just drug them. Heehee! Just kidding.

Ry and Kris Jones said...

I say just let them exert themselves. They'll sleep better at night.

rachel said...

My two year has an awful cold and seems more energetic than usual!! What gives? So sorry...I have no idea why...hope you are doing okay!!

Leanne said...

hmm, mine were sick a few weeks ago and they were sleeping like angels...including naps and extra naps. I'm possibly meaner, or they were just really good. But now that they are well again you'd think they learned the value of a good night's sleep? NO! grrr sometimes I wish they were still sick. punks.

Merrianne said...

you poor thing!
been there... done that.
i dont know why they seem to keep thier energy when they are sick!! all of my energy disappears when i am sick!

JerieH said...

I don't know, we keep getting sick at our house and it is cough, cought "I want" cough, cough, "to got to the playground" cough, cough - sniff -
Hmmmm let see, how many people can we get sick this year?