Saturday, November 7, 2009

Things that Make Me Smile #7-12

7. Books. All kinds of books. Kid books, adult books, YA books.
Mysteries, sci-fi, fantasy, biographies, non-fiction, fiction. It's all good.

8. Sweets. Mostly chocolate, but just about anything sweet is wonderful.

9. When a sewing project begins to take shape.

10. Warm, sunny days.


12. My kids actually eating their dinner and not complaining.
(Don't have a picture of this since it happens so rarely, but still, it does happen.)


Summer said...

Me too! Well, except for #11. (I'm sure Texas is lovely, I've just never been there myself! Ü) I like these lists!

Leanne said...

I like warm sunny days...wish there were more of them.

Claudia H said...

I love this post