Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Things That Make Me Smile #13-18

14. Emma finally saying, "I love you."

15. Jeremy giving me a high five after reading a word all on his own.

16. My parents will be here in 12 days.
17. Abuelita Hot Chocolate
18. Watching Emma give kisses to Nathan.


Anonymous said...

So I realized that all these things made me smile too. thanks for sharing. I can't believe how big Megan and Jeremy are looking. You sure have cute kids. I love the flip flops Jeremy is wearing. A great picture. Lots of love from us to you.

Ry and Kris Jones said...

WHERE! did you get the abuelita hot chocolate?? I've been looking for it everywhere!!!

rachel said...

I like this series you are doing. Haven't been blogging for awhile...again!! Missed reading your posts. Hope you are like Guernsey Literary and PPP society (title is just too darn long :)

moosh in indy. said...


Ah, I know you're in Cleveland but word to the wives of graduate students.

I send you proverbial blog cupcakes.


Kellie said...

Can I say, "AAAHHH!" Casey from Moosh in Indy left me not only a comment on my little bloggy, but proverbial blog cupcakes. Biggest smile ever on my face right now.

And yes. Nathan is dental.