Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas at the Zoo

Today we had breakfast with some friends who were super awesome to prepare a wonderful meal including the most delicious chocolate-cinnamon rolls, or as Nathan called them Happiness Solidified, we've ever eaten. (Thank you, Weights!) After breakfast we all gathered together at the Cleveland Zoo to see Santa and his reindeer.

Here are some fun pictures from our adventures today.

Santa and Mrs. Claus were in the wolf cabin. When we walked in the kids had the option to make bird feeder pine cones, which was something I was planning on doing with them this week anyway, so now I don't have to buy bird feed -sweet!

Megan was the only one of our kids that wanted to see Santa and she almost chickened out at the last minute. She suddenly got really shy and silly when it was her turn and became super glued to my leg. Santa was great! He told Megan that she reminded him of a couple of his reindeer, that Prancer is the silliest of his reindeer and Doner is the most shy. That got her attention and she agreed to sit on his lap.
Megan asked him where his reindeer were kept and so when everyone was finished with their visit with Santa and their pine cones we walked down to them.

The Zoo has special winter rates that included the Rain Forest where they had an area set up with cookies, frosting, and sprinkles for the kids. Here's Jeremy about to take his first bite of his Christmas tree cookie.

We had more fun today, too, but that story and corresponding pictures will have to be told later as the pictures haven't been through Photo Shop yet.

We had lots of fun today Weights, Brimhalls, and Monsons!


Shauna said...

Hope you have a blessed and very Merry Christmas! ♥ HUGS ♥

Leanne said...

fun! We hope your Christmas was Amazing!!! Merry Christmas from The Johnsons!

Haeli and David said...

That was awesome.

Raspberry said...

Love your hair in that one picture. Looks amazing. :)

Amber Omer said...

Ok, yes I'm commenting at 12:52 am! And I didn't even really read your blog yet (I will tomorrow, or later today that is, I promise) because my vision is starting to get fuzzy and I have to blink twice to clearly see the screen. I'm a dork. But I've been wanting to organize my blogs and look at some I haven't looked at in ages. And so here I am, and I have to tell you that we miss you guys like crazy! You can't move far away (as you wrote in a previous post) until we come visit you guys and go exploring we've got to get a move on it and save up our pennies huh?

Also I wanted to tell you that you look gorgeous, Kellie, in the picture with the animal, of sorts...remember, i didn't read the post yet, sorry!

Ok, i'll look, read and post more tomorrow! I'm going to bed!
We love you guys!