Wednesday, December 16, 2009

That Was Totally Wicked!

As I mentioned earlier, Nathan got us tickets off of Craigslist to see Wicked. I checked Craigslist everyday for weeks hoping to find someone desperate enough to sell us tickets that we could actually afford.

We went a couple weekends ago (the Saturday after Megan's birthday) and it was awesome! The Elphaba we saw was the understudy, Meridith Kaye Clark and she was terrific. I can't imagine a performance better than hers. And when I compare our Glenda to the Broadway Glenda, I have to say that I like ours much more. She was more animated and looked more the part.

Our seats, which were the cheapest possible seats, technically could have been further back in the theater, but only by two feet. And a group of people two rows ahead of us arrived half an hour late and left early, so everyone between them and the aisle had to stand to let them pass. It was pretty annoying.

But I guess we were actually pretty lucky because the next weekend a woman down near the orchestra seats was drunk and decided to start yelling obscenities and nearly got into a fight with another patron. She was eventually escorted out of the theater, but it took quite a quite a while for the theater to send anyone to get her.

So we lucked out! Thank you Nathan for my great Christmas present, taking me out to the theater to see a great show. I loved being with you, hearing the fun music, and seeing the great performances.

Let's do it again next year:)


rachel said...

Someday I have GOT to see this!!

Leanne said...

I want to see this so bad!! Glad you had fun!!!

Summer said...

YAY! Love it!!!