Friday, March 5, 2010

Blast Off!

I took the kids to Space Center Houston today. They were having a half-off ticket sale, so it wasn't too pricey, especially since Jeremy and Emma were free. There were a ton of things to see and do and we ended up spending all day there. Really. We got there at opening at 10AM and left at 4:30PM.

And we have lift off, Houston!

A ball area like no other. That thing in the middle shoots a ton of balls out every five minutes or so. Really cool!

Learning the bell curve.

Amazing Science Lady who did amazing things with balloons, liquid nitrogen, and a lime! Megan kind of freaked out with the liquid nitrogen. When she saw it boiling she covered her mouth and nose, afraid to breathe it in. I had to work to convince her to put her hands down.

They had a cool exhibit on risk taking. They had uniforms and shoes from jobs or hobbies that are dangerous (firefighting, mountaineering), displays about what would happen if you took certain chances, a bed of nails that you could actually lay down on--just all kinds of stuff. Megan laid on the bed of nails, but wouldn't do it long enough for me to get a picture.
She said it hurt. Imagine that.

Walking the high beam above the busy city streets. Megan and Jeremy walked this twice without falling.

That is one big steering wheel. This was part of a display on the safety, or rather, unsafe old dashboards.

Fireman Megan

Trying on the helmets:)
Lookin' Good!

Copy that, Houston!

My kids now want Nathan to make them a wind tunnel.


Leanne said...

fun stuff! I love places like that.

Raspberry said...

Ah, Space Center Houston....fond memories. :)

Anonymous said...

I want to take my kids there! Looks like fun!