Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday is a Special Day, It's the Day we do Something Crazy!

We did something kinda crazy yesterday (Saturday). Our friends, Mark and Jess, called us saying they were flying from Utah to Virginia and volunteered to be bumped off a connecting flight from Cincinnati to Virginia. They were compensated with a hotel room and food vouchers. When they called they asked us if we wanted to drive down and stay at their hotel and eat dinner with them. Even though we had a ton of stuff to do, we thought it would be fun to see them. We hadn't seen them since we moved from Logan two years ago and we used to see them almost every day. We played games with them just about every night.

So we quickly packed up the kids, grabbed some pajamas and toothbrushes, and headed out for the four hour drive. And what did we learn? We need a portable DVD player before we make the even longer drive to Salt Lake this spring. And check the weather report before saying you'll drive for four hours in it.

Still, it was great seeing Mark and Jess, getting to play games with them and eating pizza--just like old times! I took the camera, but forgot to take pictures, so the only picture I've got is the one I stole from their blog.

Megan and Jess decided they are best friends forever, Emma warmed up quickly to both Jess and Mark, having only ever seen them as a newborn, and Jeremy was just as crazy with them as he is with everyone else.

We couldn't get the kids to go to sleep until we went to sleep, so they were up quite late, and the time change last night didn't help, either. We ended up having to get up really early so we could get to church on time (barely a minute late). And it's a good thing we did because apparently, we were assigned the opening and closing prayers. Nathan forgot to tell me, so when there was a lull after the opening song, and he looked up to see one of the bishop's councilors looking at him, he poked me and said in a loud whisper, "Kellie, get up there and pray!" And of course I thought he was kidding. I looked up and saw the councilor nodding to me so I shot up, took my coat off (we'd just barely walked in at this point), shook Jeremy off me, and walked up to the pulpit to pray.

I felt pretty stupid, but it was funny. Then at the end of the meeting, Nathan forgot he was supposed to say the closing prayer and I got to poke and whisper at him.

We are all pretty tired now and grateful that we could put the kids down early with the time change. Now we are going to go put ourselves down!


Raspberry said...

We play games with friends too here, but it's not very often. Everyone's really stiff about it - you have to invite them even though you've told them 'any time' and then you're never sure if they're coming because they want to or because they feel's so weird!

Cathy Witbeck said...

I'm glad you got to have a fun weekend with your buddies.
Hey, did you ever get set up with accomodations for Storymakers?

also known as shell said...

thats cool you got to meet up with them! and look at all those books you are working on!!! way to be!

rachel said...

I love last minute adventures like that! Sounds like you had a blast. I can't tell you how many times I forget I'm supposed to say the prayer even when I can see my name on the program and I'm just sitting there in church. Too funny!

Leanne said...

I can't wait until you come to Utah!! we are very excited to see you guys. a portable DVD player (or two) is a must for long trips. earphones don't hurt either.