Tuesday, May 25, 2010

On the Road Birthday

Last Thursday Emma turned two. I meant to post something earlier for her, but being in Utah and having to balance Nathan's laptop on the windowsill with one hand, type with the other, and "borrow" internet from one of his neighbors without a secured wireless internet isn't really conducive to keeping up the blog. However, I'm sure you'll be glad to know that his parents will have a working wireless internet on Friday. When it won't matter for us anymore. Because that's the day of the wedding and we leave for home the next day.

Anyway, my darling Emma who is currently giving me kisses on my arm, turned two. She is learning and growing every day and is as fun and adventurous as possible. She has nearly no fear (except for the rare, I'm only going on this slide if you go with me) and still loves to read.

I love it when she comes running to me yelling, "Mama!" and then when she gets to my feet reaches up for me. Then I pick her up and all she wanted was to smile at me with her big cheesy grin.

Emma's cheesy smile

I love how recently she will fall asleep instantly. I get down on her pillow with her, she's asleep. I start to wipe her face so we can go to the library clean, she's asleep. She's calling my name and playing hard at 11:15PM, she's asleep.

She is nearly always sweet and funny and loves to make her brother and sister laugh. One thing she does that always makes me laugh is try to find the baby in my belly. Sometimes she misses and points too high, then I bring her finger down to the baby bump. Then she brings her finger right back up and instead of asking, "Baby?" she asks, "Fat?"

Emma is also really good at bouncing back. Last night Emma woke up with a stomach ache and threw up quite a bit. Twice in the tent (with so many people and kids at Grandma's house, and us having a tent with us, we got sent outside), and then four more times inside. I "slept" with her in the house after the first two. Something about that kind of mess in a small contained area like a tent. . .ew. By lunch time she was feeling more herself and was ready to play. She did take an incredibly long nap, well over two hours when her normal nap (if I can even get her to take one) is max 45 minutes. But when she woke up she was her happy self and ate a bunch of her favorite food-pasta!

We love our little Emma and feel so blessed to have her in our family! Happy (really late) Birthday, Emma!


Marilyn said...

Happy Birthday Emma! It looks like you are having fun in Utah.

Raspberry said...

She's a cutie - fun to think we were both pregnant at the same time with our toddlers. :)