Friday, September 24, 2010

The Date is Set

It's official!

Fox News is coming on September 30th to interview us for the pre-baby segment. My house needs help. That was the first thing I thought of when I hung up the phone. So I started doing paint touch ups and painting the trim around the floor, and then moved on to painting our built in china hutch. It's been interesting trying to keep kids away from all this.

Then I realized I need help. I've never been good at clothes, makeup and hair and now I'm going to be on TV (assuming everything goes according to plan, I doubt they'll air the interview if  10-10-10 doesn't happen). Anyone want to come over and help me and my house look good?


Janelle said...

Regarding clothes: don't wear stripes, large patterns, or pale colors. They are not flattering and make anyone -- pregnant or not -- look larger than life, which the camera will also do. Small patterns or solids in dark colors are best. Do you know Megan Mitchell at all? She might be willing to help with hair and makeup.

Leanne said...

Fly me out! I'll help you!! :)

Summer said...

So exciting!!! I second Megan Mitchell! She's awesome!