Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Vibe Posts, Or What's Been Going On

Funny Emma

Emma has made it a habit of falling asleep during dinner at least twice a week. This is her sleeping and eating at the same time. Honest. She is difficult to wake up when she gets to this point. Sometimes Nathan picks her up and throws her in the air (which will wake her up and cause her to laugh, but if we wake her up any other way she is not happy). Other times we just take her upstairs, wipe off her face, and put her in bed.

 Mommy's Day Off

Also, I don't know how I missed this one, but Nathan took the kids camping and gave me a day and a half to myself. They drove out to Pennsylvania and had a great time while I cleaned the house, got a massage, and took myself out for lunch. It was much appreciated! Thank you, Nathan!!!!

My Attempt At Being a Copy-Cat

Remember those awesome pictures that my friend Mary took of Jeremy and Emma? Those were their birthday pictures, so I didn't bother having any of Megan taken. Well, I decided that was stupid and I should have had her included anyway. Too late now. Mary had her baby the other day and will most likely not be taking pictures for a while.

Let me apologize, Mary. I know I'm totally copying your stuff, and I'm really sorry. I wanted pictures to match the awesome ones you did and didn't want to bother you so close to having your babe. Mine are nowhere close to the awesomeness of yours.

I tried taking Megan to the same locations on the Case campus. Only problem? I didn't check the setting on the camera before starting, so most of them look really bad. I'm more of an Automatic Setting kind of girl, where Nathan actually uses the different settings on the camera where you have to know what you are doing. He was apparently the last one to use the camera before I took these. Also, even though I worked with PhotoShop for years when I worked at the USU archives, I am not that good at it. Nathan, is like the He-Man of PhotoShop. So when I eventually get around to re-shooting these, I'll have him run them through PhotoShop and make them look good.


rachel said...

I think the pics of your daughter turned out beautifully! I need to learn how to use a camera and buy a decent one...

Raspberry said...

ooo - a massage. Sounds perfect...

Leanne said...

everyone is getting so big! Stop it! now!! well, ok mine are too so I guess it's alright.