Monday, November 15, 2010


Emma is sick. She's been sick for a while but I hadn't thought much of it until these last few days. Most of what's been going on has been on my Facebook page, but I know some of you either aren't on Facebook, or we aren't "friends" :) Which we totally should be.

Emma has had diarrhea for weeks. I was changing nasty diapers 6-10 times a day with just her, so between her and Lincoln--and we all know babies poop constantly--I didn't move much from the diaper changing station. I took her to the doctor about it last week and they said to increase her fiber intake, increase fluids, blah, blah, stuff I already knew, and to also bring in a poop sample.

Two days later Emma takes four naps. This child doesn't nap and hasn't napped since she was 12 moths old. She might fall asleep in the car around 4PM, the most inconvenient time of course, but she doesn't fall asleep three more times. The last time was on the living room floor and Megan tried to wake her up. Emma wouldn't talk, move, make eye contact, nothing. Megan and Jeremy rushed to me yelling about something being wrong with Emma.

I went to her and she looked awful. She wouldn't stand on her own, so I put her on the couch. I asked her a few questions like what her baby brother's name was and got no response. I asked her if she was ok and she shook her head slowly.

We got into the pediatrician's office quickly and they determined that she was dehydrated, probably from all the diarrhea.  We hydrate her and go home. She eats a few crackers, throws up. Throws up again a little later.

Saturday the fever starts. 100.2 and today 103.2. I took her to the hospital and they did some tests. She has a UTI, again probably from the diarrhea, is constipated (interesting since she has diarrhea, but that's what the x-ray showed) and a cold on top of everything.

What scares me is that the fever isn't really going down. It got to a low grade fever while in the hospital, but as soon as we got home it started creeping up again.

The poor thing is in my bed. The cutie woke up at midnight and happily told me she stayed in her bed all night. When I hugged her I noticed the fever was back and took her temp. I'm hoping that a good sleep and Tylenol with help her tonight.

Pray for us, please.


Lindsey said...

You have my prayers. Get that girl a blessing, which I'm sure you've already done. Keep us posted!

janeen said...

Oh how sad. I hope Emma gets well soon. We'll keep her in our prayers.

Sarah said...

poor thing! I hope she feels better

Raspberry said...

Oh, sick children are the worst. I'm so sorry! I always wish I could be sick for them.

Leanne said...

so scary and sad. I hope she is doing better.