Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

We took the kids to a trunk or treat at the church on Saturday since Halloween fell on a Sunday this year.

Jeremy went through many costume ideas and finally settled on ghost, which I thought was going to be much easier than it turned out being, but oh well. He was a very cute ghost. Nathan really wanted to paint Jeremy's face and I knew from the beginning that Jeremy would not be up for it. Somehow, Nathan convinced him to do it and of course, as soon as the face paint was applied, Megan had to freak out over how scary Jeremy looked, which made Jeremy freak out and decide he didn't want the face paint anymore. Then he started worrying about what other kids would think of him with the face paint on and thought they'd make fun of him. So all night at the trunk or treat I pointed out other kids who were in face paint.

I was pretty happy (and so was Jeremy) when it was all over and it could just be washed off.

Emma was Tinkerbell, which apparently was the "it" costume for little girls this year. I made Emma a new tu-tu (last Halloween's was purple) using three different greens and dyed a turtleneck onesie green (I'd like to say that the uneven coloring that makes it seem more forest-y was on purpose), and just bought the wings at Joann Fabrics when I had a half off coupon. She was very excited and for weeks has been telling people she would be Tinkerbell for Halloween.


Megan was Tinkerbell's friend, Rosetta. I totally cheated with Megan and had her use the same pink tu-tu I made from last year's costume. It still fit and I figured she'd match Emma this way. Her wings we already had (on sale at Carter's forever ago), and all I had to buy was a new leotard (old one would have worked had she not suffered a bloody nose at dance class a couple weeks ago) and tights.

Lincoln stayed in the van. I decided it was way too cold to take him out of his warm and comfy car seat, but had it been warm enough, I would have dressed him up as the number 42. Which costume would have consisted of a piece of computer paper taped to his front with a large "42" written on it. Clever, I know.

Nathan made himself a really nice pair of vampire teeth this year, but forgot to bring them to the trunk or treat. I neglected to dress up since lately I'm so tired I consider it a huge success if I get out of my pajamas at any point in the day.

The kids had fun and this is the first year we've pretty much given them free reign with their candy. Nathan let them go at it as soon as we got home from the trunk or treat and then after church today told them they could eat whatever candy they wanted for ten minutes, which turned out to be more like half an hour. Usually I confiscate the candy and allow them a couple pieces each every day (picking through their bags when they aren't looking and eating my favorites). This way the candy lasts longer and they tend to forget about it after a while, thus leaving more candy for me.

It's probably a good thing Nathan is letting them eat what they want. He says it's better for their teeth to eat a lot of candy at once and have done with it, than to drag it out. Also, it's not like I need to be eating a lot of candy and chocolate while nursing and trying to fit into my old clothes.

The only candy he really told them they couldn't eat (yet) was the Box of Boogers. Yes, the picture at the top of this post is a box of candy boogers. We bought 8 boxes at the grocery store because they were 25 cents each. I handed them out at the trunk or treat except we kept one box for our family (minus me and Lincoln, you couldn't pay me enough to eat one). According to a little girl in our ward (church congregation), "They just taste like fruit snacks. They don't really taste like boogers." This made Nathan smile and so of course he had to ask how she knew they didn't really taste like boogers.


Raspberry said...

Love the Tinkerbell costume, it's super cute.

Leanne said...

GROSS!!! though I must say, fantastic idea. loved the costumes, good job!

Amber Omer said...

The costumes (and kids) are adorable! Nice work Kellie!