Saturday, January 29, 2011

Book Review-- The Memory Bank by Carolyn Coman

The Memory BankThe Memory Bank by Carolyn Coman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I thought I'd let Megan give the first review of the book. My review follows hers.

Megan's Review:

I really liked this book. I like the funny things about it. It was kind of sad when Hope lost Honey. I liked Hope got candy, it made me hungry for candy! It was kind of exciting when Hope's garage opened and she was taken to the Memory Bank.

Kellie's Review:

This book was really different from most children's books. The closest I can think of would be Lemony Snicket's series, but even then there are major differences. I LOVED that the author used amazing illustrations to move the story along.

There are two sisters, Hope and Honey, and they have terrible parents that are kind of in the same vein as parents in Roald Dahl's books. They kick Honey out of the car one day and leave her on the side of the road, telling Hope to forget her. The rest of the book is Hope's adventure of trying to get her sister back because she is unable and unwilling to just forget the sister she loves.

The Memory Bank stores the strongest memories and also, memies (someone's first memory). Hope is taken there when her memory account drops too low. I loved the characters at the bank, from the man in charge of memories, to the woman of the dreams area, to the women who pick through the memories, they were all fun.

It's an awesome story and one that has an unexpected, but happy ending.

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