Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Eventful and Early, But Everyone is Still Alive and Not Burned to a Crisp

This morning started with the two E's. Eventful and the dreaded Early. Around 6ish I heard a strange sound and dragged my bottom out of bed to investigate. I walked into the bathroom because that's where I could hear it best. Still I could tell it wasn't coming from my house anywhere.

So I looked out the window and after a couple seconds I saw huge sparks and flames jutting out from a pole connected to wires which were connected to our house. After a few seconds they went down and then after a few more seconds came up again. I of course freaked out because overreaction is my middle name.

I went downstairs and remembered that we don't have a phone book yet and that I took down the paper the previous home owner had left for us with all emergency numbers and important non-emergency numbers. Great. So I went to the blessed internet and found the correct number and called the fire department's non-emergency line (Nathan, I know you're so grateful that this time I didn't use 911, huh?).

A couple minutes later I saw a cop car out there and an officer was checking it out. He said the fire department had already been out to see it and that a covering for something was broken and every time the rain splashed it, that's when the sparks flew. A crew was scheduled to come repair it in an hour and we weren't expected to lose power. Yay!

So back to bed I went.

Fast forward a couple hours and I'm in bed searching for the red of my alarm clock. Can't find it. The power is out. I check my watch. 9 AM. The kids I babysit are probably at my door wondering where I am. Great. Not too bad though, it was apparently only out for about an hour and came on about 15 minutes after I got up.


Ry and Kris Jones said...

Kellie, I would have to ask you to NEVER stop blogging! Or write lots and lots of books!:)

Jenny said...

At least you got your excitement for the day taken care of by 9AM. That takes talent! = )