Friday, June 26, 2009

Pictures for Nathan with More to Come

One day I kept Jeremy occupied with constructive destructiveness.
It was wonderful. This occupied him for over an hour.
The wall-paper didn't need to come down yet since we haven't even picked out paint for the stairs area yet, but he had a great time, he felt like he was helping, and he got to channel his destructive energy into something good.

I took this picture a couple nights ago.
Megan of late has been sneaking out of bed to get books to read.
I love that she does this! It reminds me of me!
Except I didn't have to sneak out because my bed's headboard had a built in bookshelf and so all I had to sneak was a flashlight!

A friend told us about a great rummage sale put on by a local church. We went to check it out and came home with a bucket full of Lincoln Logs for $2, a wooden snake (Jeremy insisted we buy it for Emma) for 10 cents, and a couple bracelets for 50 cents. It was a pretty good rummage sale and they had an almost new changing table that I thought about getting. But after going home and measuring I found we didn't have room.

I'll post soon some pictures of us at the beach!
We went with the kids I babysit and their mom.


Sarah Marie said...

Hey I just wanted to tell you congrats on the babe and also that I love reading your blog! You are a guaranteed kick butt author!

Leanne said...

hooray for rummage sales and constructive destruction! I wish I had something like that for my kids to do...hmmm