Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Birthday Pictures

Happy Birthday, Part 2

I promised Jeremy months ago that he could have balloons at his party. I nearly forgot and felt bad, so I ran to Party City after an afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese (just doing the token games and rides).

My mom made Jeremy another birthday cake and my dad ran to the store at the last minute when we realized they didn't have any candles!

Here's Jeremy playing with the Death Star Bean Bag Toss which was truly a family effort.
My mom helped me sew the bean bags, the kids helped me fill them, and my dad made the board (remember the one modeled after my friend Summer linked in the previous post?). Jeremy loved it!

Here he is after getting a bean bag in the hole!

We had a Darth Vader pinata, which Jeremy hit open. Both Megan and Jeremy loved hitting it. I know it might seem a waste to have a pinata for just two kids, but I don't care. They had fun.

Jeremy opening his presents. I found this Star Wars metal lunchbox at Party City.
It's from the original Star Wars, not this new Clone Wars cartoon.

I found this book at the Storymakers writing conference. It's really cute and uses onomatopoeia. The author was present when I bought it, so I had her write a happy birthday message to Jeremy in it and sign it.

You can see that he also got a Star Wars ship up there.

And this is what he got from my parents, a baseball bat, glove, and three baseballs.

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