Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hail, the Conquring Hero

Nathan graduated from Officer training on Monday. YAY! It's over! We have him back! (Almost. He's on a plane to Cleveland only to turn around and fly back in a couple hours.)

We attended his graduation, which I have to say, was a hundred times better than my high school or either of my college graduations. This is because it was short and sweet. There was only one speaker and he didn't feel the need to share any stories about his vacations with his grandfather or talk for an hour (unlike our high school valedictorian--for two whole freakin' hours).

Anyway, as you can see, we are very happy to have Nathan back with us!

After the graduation ceremony we went to pick up Nathan's brother and celebrated at Sea World. Nathan got free tickets for being in the Army, which was good because we got there around 6PM and it closes at 8PM. While what we did was fun and way cool, we didn't do a whole lot and it wouldn't have been worth it to pay just for two shows and one ride.

Here they are checking out the flamingos on the way to ride Texas Splashdown.

We saw the show Viva! which, if that doesn't make Megan and Emma want to grow up to be animal trainers and high divers at Sea World, I don't know what will. Let me tell you, I was all set to go back to school and start gymnastics/swimming lessons after that show. If I'd seen that show as a kid, I wouldn't have studied history and English--love them as I do--I wouldn't have done it.

We also saw the main Shamu show which was also great. We got there late and didn't get seats, so it was kind of hard to see, but what I did see was fun.

Jeremy and me on Texas Splashdown.
Jeremy got to go twice since they wouldn't let me take Emma on the ride without shoes and we can't find one of them--hence, no shoes on her feet and no ride.

So for those of you who care, Nathan arrives in about 8 hours and then will be getting some sleep. He didn't get much last night due to some nasty food poisoning (Megan, too). Then on Thursday we will start the trek back. I'm not really ready to give up my vacation yet, but since school starts soon, I don't have much choice.

See you Clevelanders soon!


Anonymous said...

No one can blame you for not wanting the vacation to end but I sure miss not having you around.

Claudia H said...

Congratulations!! both of you. We hope to see you soon

Danny said...

Congrats Nathan! I'm glad you can be with your family again!

Leanne said...

look how happy your kids are to see him. they all have at least one hand on him. so sweet! You look good in a buzz cut Nathan, I wasn't so sure about it at first! ha ha ha Congrats!

Jenny said...

Those are some happy faces!