Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How to Get Rid of Whinniness

On Friday my dad and I wanted to take the kids to the Kemah Boardwalk. We knew there were rides there and we thought the kids would like them. Plus, it's fun to just be near the water and see the houses on stilts.

When we got there and discovered that the cheapest ride was $3 per person, we ditched the ride idea and started walking around wondering what we were going to do with a couple of whinny kids who were begging for rides we couldn't afford.

Hip hip hurray! We found little fish food machines (they look like gumball machines, but you don't want to blow bubbles with these little brown bits of yumminess--ew). 50 Cents later and we had happy kids and had seen literally thousands of catfish fight over a two handfuls of fish pellets. They completely forgot about the rides.

Then enter the piece de resistance-->

Hey! What's happening here?

Whoa! Cool!
Mom, can we live here?
Dude. I'm in heaven.
I'm wet and lovin' it!
It was awesome. We had happy kids for almost the rest of the day, the whinning was gone, even when it was time to leave--it was great. Thank you Kemah for providing cheap catfish food and an awesome water sprinkler thingy.

And here's just another fun picture. This is what Emma does with Jeremy's undies.


Jenny said...

I used to work at a summer camp here in Florida and one of our field trips was to a street fountain like that. The city required a permit to take a large group, but we brought our own ice cream cups and the kids were thrilled! = )

Amber said...

I love the hat. That is awesome. Nate is bald. Weird seeing his hair so short. Glad you guys had fun.