Friday, October 23, 2009

Chili Cook Off!

Our ward had a Halloween party tonight and there was a chili cook off. There were three judges and each judge picked their favorite batch. Mine was one of the winners! I was so excited and it really made my night, which had been horrid before that. I got a fun apron that said I won. Here it is----->

The only other food related contest I've won was a brownie baking contest in college between me and one of my roomies who thought homemade brownies were better than box brownies. Please! There was no way she'd win that. So obviously I won that. But at the Church cook off there were 14 different chilies that were contesting.

So my absolutely horrible day full of frustration and tears ended on a great note. It helped that another Texan was the judge that picked mine:)

***ok, I just realized that you can't see where it says I won, but it is at the bottom of the apron, written on the edge.***


Wade, Jenny, and Girls said...

Congrats. We had a chili cook off with our ward last year. It was so fun!

janeen said...

I remember the brownine cook off. Theresa was nuts thinking homemade tasted better!

kollers said...

Congrats Kellie! I love your apron! And that chili looks quite delicious!

Nichole Giles said...

Awesome! I love when that happens. =) Cute aprons.


Leanne said...

yay for winning! Danny is trying his chances tonight!