Monday, June 14, 2010

The New Do's

Megan did us the favor of getting Jeremy ready for his summer haircut. She just grabbed Jeremy's scissors and went at it. But I guess she got tired quickly because she only worked on one little spot.

(Jeremy returned the favor by helping cut Nathan's hair.)

I finished it for her. You can kind of see where her masterful hand touched him, but you have to look close.

Megan also got a cute haircut this weekend (thankfully not by her own hands). A friend from Church offered to babysit so we could get some work done around the house (that blog post is coming soon, I hope) and since she cuts hair, I asked her to take the scissors to Megan's hair. She's been begging for a haircut and I figured this would be the perfect time. Since I didn't really know what I wanted I told my friend, "Just do what you'd do if she was your daughter."

I think it turned out dang cute! It's a little messy here, but she'd been playing hard.

Also this weekend, before haircuts took place, the kids had their second weekend of soccer. Last Saturday Nathan had to threaten Jeremy with taking his soccer ball back to the store. He also had to stay on the field the whole time with him.

This Saturday was completely different. He was out there before Megan and was calling her to come play. He ran hard, he kicked hard, he played hard. I was so proud of him! Jeremy is a lot like me and has a hard time going out of his comfort zone. I remember going to the first day of basketball practice and being so nervous that I wouldn't even walk onto the court or look at my coach. And the really sad thing was, I knew my coach--he'd been my softball coach, so I should have been comfortable just going out there for him. But I wasn't. I was too afraid to fail and I think Jeremy is very much the same way. The fear of doing something wrong keeps him from doing things he wants to do sometimes.

To see him run out there on that field and play like the other kids meant a lot to me. I think this will be a huge step to him having a better school year when it starts up again.


Janelle said...

Megan looks so much like you in that picture. Her cut IS cute.

JerieH said...

I think that Megan's new cut is way cute! We trimmed Ginny's hair a couple of weeks ago, on the advice of Mom's hair dresser. She told us to trim it often to offset the two spirls in her hair. I am a little sad, she doesn't have that much hair in the first place...