Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday Fun

This Saturday (and it's barely noon) has been so different from last Saturday. Last week I had a really hard time with Jeremy with soccer practice and swim lessons. He didn't want to participate in anything, he was hardheaded about everything that day, and dealing with the kids on little sleep and without Nathan drove me into 1.5 Quarts of Rocky Road ice cream. It was delicious, but I'd rather have had less stress and used a bowl instead of the carton.

Today, I had to prod Jeremy a few times, but for the most part he did it all on his own at both soccer and swim. He got out on the field and ran, kicking the ball toward the goal (the correct one this time), laughed and had lots of fun. At swim lessons he was the first kid waiting at the side of the pool for the life guards to join them, he did all the water games and was even "Mr. Fox" in What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?. I am ecstatic!

Megan did a great job today, too. She worked hard to steal the ball at soccer (and succeeded a little) and worked hard to relax at swim lessons when they had her on her back.

In fact, things have been just great (with the small exception of me being called upstairs just now to clean up a huge mess Emma made in the bathroom which involves both the plunger and the toilet scrubber wand).

Nathan, if tomorrow goes this well, you just might come home from Peru to a wife who isn't as stressed out as you are expecting her to be. Let's hope the rest of today and tomorrow go smooth.


JerieH said...

Oh! I am so glad that today is going well. Thank HF for small miricles

Kyle, Amy, and Joshua said...

How much longer til Nathan gets back? Hope you keep doing well...minus bathroom messes. Also, I don't think I congratulated you on your new BOY. How exciting!!!! Miss you millions!